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The Montgomery County Business Solutions Center is a group of economic development and workforce specialists determined to see your business succeed. We help businesses develop and grow with an eye toward the future. Explore our one-of-a-kind facility, which you can use as your own meeting place. Here you can conduct workforce training, get help navigating government requirements, receive financial advice, take part in networking opportunities, and much more. Plus, services and facility use are totally free.

The Business Solutions Center also supports Montgomery County’s existing efforts to promote targeted industry sectors and attract new private investment by providing space for business planning and prospecting. By hosting these meetings, the Business Solutions Center furthers collaboration between OhioMeansJobs/Montgomery County and Montgomery County Community & Economic Development and help to align available business services with the needs of existing and future companies.

Workforce Planning

The Business Solutions Center offers businesses a wealth of services to assist with workforce planning. As the single point of contact for all of your employment needs, we have the resources and strategies to help your business grow and succeed.

The Workforce Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center work with businesses to create a comprehensive and customized plan to get you the workers you need. Using a wide range of tools and services available through Montgomery County, like online job postings, job fairs and hiring events, screening services and assessments, background checks, and skills-based testing, our employment consultants help ensure you have the qualified workforce needed to help your business succeed.

For more information on Workforce Planning services, contact us here.

"We’ve hired over a dozen employees through Project Hire and look forward to using this program as our company continues to grow."

Tim Goodwin, Master Bean Counter, VAP Managed


Incentives / Financing

Businesses of all sizes need resources and access to capital to grow and expand. To meet these demands, the Business Solutions Center partners with multiple local organizations that provide a variety of financial tools to meet the unique needs of every business. These products include:

MicroEnterprise Funding: MicroEnterprise funding is available to businesses that have fewer than 5 employees and less than $500,000 in annual sales. The program also provides business development courses and services to help small businesses grow.

Small Business Lending: Small business loan products are available for working capital and fixed assets like real estate, construction, renovation, and equipment through regional partners like CityWide Development and County Corp Development. Our economic development specialists work with our small business lenders to find a loan product that fits your company’s investment needs.

Incentives: Financial incentives like grants, tax abatements, and workforce assistance are important when determining how and where to grow your business. The Economic and Workforce Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center can help you identify state and local incentives and work with you to craft a package that fits your business. These incentives include:

State & Local Incentives: Every community has different incentives to help their local businesses succeed, and the State of Ohio offers incentives for projects with significant job creation. From TIFs to CRAs, income tax rebates, forgivable loans, and grants for permanent improvements, Economic Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center can assess your needs and work with local communities to put together an incentive package to help with your project.

Workforce Training and Recruitment: Investing in your company’s workforce is as important as purchasing equipment. The Workforce Development specialists at the Business Solutions Center can help to craft a workforce recruitment and training plan, which will augment your existing HR department and offset the cost of providing training to your new employees.

For more information on Financial Assistance and Incentives, contact us here.

"In 2013, Staub Manufacturing Solutions had no space to add the new equipment we needed to help us grow in the Dayton Region. The ED/GE Grant my company received from Montgomery County helped us to move into our new facility in Harrison Township, which gave us the ability to upgrade our equipment and ample space for our current and future operations."

Steve Staub, President, Staub Manufacturing


Labor Market

The Workforce Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center, in collaboration with Wright State University, offer businesses an in-depth look at the workforce trends and research in their industries. This information includes analyses of labor trends and availability, regional wage rates, and employment statistics by occupation. Let us provide you with the information that you need to help with your expansion plans or new entrepreneurial venture.

For more information on Labor Market Information, contact us here.


Navigating Government

Business operations can sometimes run into government regulations and procedures that can add stress and time to your company’s expansion plans. Whether you are expanding your facility in the Dayton Region, or expanding your customer base by becoming a local, state, or military vendor, the Business Solutions Center can help connect you with resources to help you achieve your goals.

Permits and Building Codes: If you are considering an expansion to your facility, or ready to begin pouring concrete or tearing down walls, the Business Solutions Center can help identify the permits and departments that you need to contact.

For more information on Navigating Government, contact us here.


Business Courses

Companies at all stages of growth can benefit from business development opportunities and courses. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to commercialize a new concept, or an established business looking for ways to expand your customer base, the Business Solutions Center and its partners offer training options to meet the unique needs of your business.

MicroEnterprise Courses: Small businesses often need help getting to the next level, whether it is securing capital to purchase equipment or taking on new employees. The Business Solutions Center partners with organizations and providers, like Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area, to provide these training opportunities.

Small Business Development Courses: Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) offer a wide range of courses to companies in the Greater Dayton Region. These free sessions can help you to better manage your business financials, market your product, learn software packages like Microsoft or Quickbooks, or develop a business plan. Often these courses are available to companies at little or no cost.

Employee Training Opportunities: Investing in your existing employees, by providing them with certifications or degrees that will help them to take on additional responsibilities, can be a great way to help your business grow. The Business Solutions Center partners with Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC), Sinclair College, and Wright State University to provide access to credential and academic courses and programs to help you take advantage of your company’s existing talent.

For more information on Business Courses, contact us here.

"The Ohio SBDC Network with offices at The Entrepreneurs Center and Wright State University is excited about our partnership with the Business Solutions Center, and to be able to offer our programs and no-cost confidential advisory services towards our mutual goal of helping companies succeed."

Pat Newcomb, Small Business Develeopment Center


Concierge Services

Don’t know where to start? Bring us your ideas and put our regional resources to work. The Business Solutions Center offers concierge services to tap into over 100 regional resources that are available to help businesses address their unique needs. From developing an expanded customer base to accessing foreign markets and suppliers, let the Economic Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center leverage our network to help your business succeed.

For more information on Concierge Services, contact us here.

"I worked hard to grow my business on my own, but I don't have time to look for all the resources I need to be successful. Montgomery County's Business Solutions Center, in partnership with the BusinessFirst! Program, allows me to access all those resources in one place"

Bill Potter, President, RiverPoint Group


Event / Meeting Space

Think of the Business Solutions Center as an expansion of your existing business. There are several meeting spaces available at no cost for Montgomery County businesses. To check on room availability, click here.

Need a facility to train up to 96 people? You can reserve the EVENT ROOM.

  • Seating For 96 People
  • 40’ x 70’
  • Five 123″ Projection Screens
  • White Boards
  • Full WiFi and Audio Capabilities


Want to present a professional image for your next board meeting? Check out our BOARD ROOM.

  • Seating For 18 People
  • Video conferencing and conference call ability
  • Two 65″ TV/Monitors for presentations
  • White Boards
  • Phone Line

Need to burn some time between meetings? Our café is a convenient place to buy a cup of coffee, catch up on emails or meet with a client before you go to your next meeting. Catering Options Available

Need to grab a quick bite or drink? Want a quiet place to meet for a light lunch? Visit our cafe.


Workforce Training

The Workforce Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center work with businesses to develop training programs and resources to provide existing and future employees with specific skills and occupational competencies, helping the business to succeed. Available resources include:

Occupational Skills Training: Montgomery County partners with regional workforce providers to offer training programs for in-demand positions and priority industries.

On-The-Job Training: Taking on a new employee can be a challenge, especially if they need additional training. To help offset the costs to businesses, our “Project Hire” On-The-Job Training program reimburses up to half of a qualified individual’s wages for up to six months. You choose the candidates, you provide training, and we pay part of their salary during training.

Customized Training Programs: Existing training programs may not be enough to provide the skills required for every business. The Workforce Development Specialists at the Business Solutions Center work with businesses and our regional training providers to craft training programs and classes for potential employees. And the best part is, the Business Solutions Center picks up a portion of the costs, saving you time and money.

For more information on Workforce Training, contact us here.

"Project Hire is a great cost savings program that continues to keep employers like Veolia viable and the community strong. Using it lowered our labor costs and helped our bottom line. And the team is wonderful to work with!"

Usha Taneja, Branch Controller, Veolia Environmental Services


Business Networking

The Montgomery County Business Solutions Center offers a setting for business-focused organizations to host regional events. Throughout the year, BusinessFirst! for a Greater Dayton Region, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, I-70/75 Development Association, and various industry groups host meetings, seminars, training, and business after hours events to help companies connect.

Looking for a location for your organization’s networking event? The Business Solutions Center has an event space available for business-focused groups. Our state of the art event space accommodates up to 96 guests (including tables and chairs), that can be configured to fit your organization’s needs. Catering options are available through GZK Catering and their menu can be found here.”

For more information on Networking Opportunities and Event Space at the Business Solutions Center, contact us here.

"Business networking is vitally important in our region. The Montgomery County Business Solutions Center opens up a world of opportunities for businesses to connect."

Phil Parker, President & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce


Our Services


Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Our Workforce Development Specialists can provide workforce planning tools to assist businesses in attracting, hiring, retaining, and advancing their workforce.

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Incentives / Financing

Incentives / Financing

We can help you to identify and access local and state incentives and financial assistance products to help with capital expenditures and workforce development.

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Labor Market

Labor Market

In collaboration with Wright State University, we can provide labor market information that provides an in-depth look at the workforce trends in your industry.

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Navigating Government

Navigating Government

Our Economic Development Specialists can help you navigate through the government regulations and help you to implement your company’s projects.

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Business Courses

Business Courses

In collaboration with regional providers, we provide business development courses and training opportunities to help your business succeed.

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Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Don’t know where to start? Click Here to find out how we can help your business through our concierge services.

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Event / Meeting Space

Event / Meeting Space

Need a board room? Training room for 20 people? 80 people? We can provide that space for your business as you need it.

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Workforce Training

Workforce Training

We work with businesses to develop training programs and resources to provide existing and future employees with specific skills and occupational competencies.

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Business Networking

Business Networking

The Business Solutions Center hosts meetings and events to help regional businesses to network with similar companies and meet potential customers and/or suppliers.

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Meetings & Events

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